Urban Guerrilla Zine # 15 reviewed by Jay Unidos

TROUBLEMAKER - "Fist Impression" CD
Yet another release from Alameda's Calendar Of Death records and this is a fairly solid
dose of punk rocknroll. TROUBLEMAKER might be best described as a cross between
STRYCHNINE and SUBMACHINE when seen live, although that comparison is a little less
obvious on this LP, one that is slightly underproduced (more guitar, less vocals perhaps).
Most of these observations might not be so apparent to anyone who hasn't seen TROUBLEMAKER live.
If you have, then you know these guys are a force to be reckoned with, but that stated, "Fist Impression" is
a good introduction to a band that has a lot of releases ahead of them (one would hope anyway).
Joe and Dan from FRACAS appear on the first track doing some backing vocals. Could a FRACAS/TROUBLEMAKER
split be too far off?
(Calendar Of Death Records, 2877 Chapman Street, Oakland, CA 94601-2128, USA)